7 reasons why people use BOXO storage units

Storage boxes for things that take up a lot of space at home
Boxes are used to store various things that take up a lot of space in the house, for example, you can store bicycles, tires or other necessary things that are not used throughout the year - in the winter season the storage services are used if you need to store scooters, scooters or wheels, in the summer season - storage of car winter tires, winter sports equipment.

BOXO storage facilities come in handy during the renovation of an apartment, house or office.

The eternal movement of furniture from one room to another during repairs consumes a lot of energy and time. In addition, there is not always a free, extra room to store furniture. In such cases, a great idea is to use a storage unit for your belongings.
Renting storage space is a great solution for securely storing your business' inventory and goods

If you have your own business that you also run from home, in cases where you need a place to store inventory and goods, BOXO is a great alternative to renting expensive space. Plus, such storage is available 24/7 - any time of day or night.

One good reason to store goods in such a place is the security of the warehouse - security is provided and video surveillance is in place, which makes these premises suitable for storing various valuables, whether they are personal items or supplies for business activities.
Box rental - it's convenient during the move

Imagine the situation: You are planning to move to a new place of residence or you have your own company for which you plan to move to another location. The new apartment or house is not yet fully available or vacated, so you can move your furniture and belongings there, and the previous premises must be vacated. What to do in such a situation?

In such cases, people use warehouses to store things. Any move is simplified thanks to the services of movers that BOXO offers. In addition, if the storage space is large enough, such as a garage or shipping container, you can continue to work - even conduct business from there, if necessary.

Warehouses in Estonia are also used as temporary premises when a company closes down

A similar situation to the aforementioned, when in the case of liquidation of a company there is no place to "hastily" store all inventory and belongings.

The warehouse is also regularly used for archiving business documents or storing sample equipment, brochures or products. Any item that is needed in running a business and takes up unnecessary space in the home can be stored in a storage unit for belongings.
BOXO storage boxes can be used for hobbies and hobbies

A storage box can be the place where a beautiful, creative new hobby or passion is created.
At home, you often don't want to start painting simply because there are fears of getting the new couch dirty, children, cat in the way, and so on. You can realize your creative hobbies, as well as engage in, for example, boxing, for which, if necessary, you can equip a small room.

Renting a storage unit for emergencies

Repair is expected at a certain time, the goods are ordered and it is known when they will arrive, how many other similar situations are there, when everything is timely thought out and planned. However, life tends to present many unplanned surprises. Storage units are available immediately, making them ideal for both short-term and long-term storage, even in the most unexpected situations, such as a sudden inheritance.

Regardless of your reasons for using a warehouse in Estonia, choose safe and reliable BOXO.

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