They'll come, they'll pack it up, they'll take it away

They will come, pack, take it to the warehouse, and bring it back when you need it again.

BOXO, a storage service for personal belongings, appeared in Tallinn

BOXO specializes in storing personal belongings in Tallinn. Storage facilities are available in the Lasmanäe area and are suitable for individuals and businesses.

"Under COVID we have introduced remote registration of a storage box rental in 5 minutes" - Informs the founder of the company.

Renting a storage box at BOXO is as follows:
1. Go to, leave an application, or call +371 25331451
2. A specialist helps to choose the necessary storage
3. Conclude a contract remotely.
4. Competent movers come to you and take things to the warehouse. (Or bring your own things)
5. When you need things again, the movers bring them back (or you yourself pick up things)

The idea is that we perform a full cycle which includes packing things, if necessary disassembly of furniture and transportation to the warehouse to make it faster and easier for people to move, repair or just put things in storage.

Most of our customers use storage boxes for the following needs:

  • To free up space in the apartment (on the balcony and in the hallway);
  • To store seasonal items such as bikes, tires or motorcycles;
  • To make repairs in the apartment/house and not to spoil the furniture;
  • To move from one place of residence to another;
  • To store the company's goods and equipment.

Let's highlight 8 important points in BOXO:
  • Warehouses are dry and airtight; things can be stored in them for years
  • Access to your warehouse 24 hours a day
  • All areas have security guards
  • Easy unloading, you drive up to the door of the warehouse
  • Storage period from 1 day to 2 years.
  • Warehouses are available in Tallinn Lasmanae
  • Boxes are available from the smallest 2-3 meters to 90 m2.

Actually, nowadays there are good conditions to rent a storage unit because the transportation of things to the storage unit will be free of charge if you rent it for 1 year or more.

To calculate the cost of storing things and check the availability of the warehouse, go to
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