Self-storage premises are better than a balcony full of your belongings!

In residential areas, you can often see all kinds of leisure items stored on balconies and loggias out of season: bicycles, water and winter sports equipment, boxes with things, and even furniture. This seems understandable, because things need to be stored somewhere, and there is most likely no other place in a cramped apartment.

Living in a residential complex, you don’t have to give up equipment for outdoor activities and other hobbies! The most convenient solution is to rent a self-storage premise for keeping things near the place of your residence so your living space can be freer.

Keeping your belongings on a balcony is not cheaper than a self-storage unit.

The climate in Latvia is inexorable. It rains, snows, blizzards, there is fog and constant humidity. Items of any value are exposed to the weather on the balcony and are more likely to lose their quality than if you store them in a dry, safe, and climate-protected premise. You have to pay twice for mistakes, so storing your things in self-storage BOXO will be essentially cheaper. To find out the cost of renting a box suitable for your belongings, visit the BOXO website.

Storing belongings on a balcony takes quality out of your life.

Instead of using a balcony as a storage room, it can be turned into a beautiful and pleasant seating area where you can enjoy the fresh air. City life must conform to basic aesthetic norms; any apartment building will look more attractive if the balconies and loggias are decorated with flowers and lamps, rather than piles of bicycles and unused baby carriages. You can set a good example for your neighbors with your own apartment! BOXO services are available in Tallinn's area Lasmanae.

What kinds of items can be stored in a self-storage facility?

-Any personal items;


-Furniture: sofas, beds, cabinets;

-Bicycles, tires, motorcycles;

-Boats, fishing rods, tents;

-Snowboards, skis, skates, and other sports equipment;

-Archives, documents, books;

-Any items that fill the free space in the apartment or office

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